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We have a Governing Body who take an active interest in the life of our school and visit us regularly; when they do this, they 'quality assure' leaders' judgements. The governing body has thirteen members and the current members are as follows: 

Co-opted Governors 

Diana Maine: Chair of Governors

Emily Heaven: Chair of the Finance and General Purposes Committee

Itamar Rashkovsky

Camilla Hoare

Will Pascal

Laurie Grandy 

Brian Shaw

Parent Governors

Marrianne San Miguel

Yasmine Teymoor: Chair of the Curriculum Standards & Strategy Committee

A vacancy exists in this category. Nominations and elections will be held in late Autumn 2022. 

Appointed by Kensington and Chelsea Local Authority

Daniel Milne

Staff Governors 

Arianna McCallam

Jagdeep Birdi: Headteacher (Ex. Officio Governor)

For further information regarding each governor’s responsibilities, their register of business interests and attendance at meetings please click here.

Instrument of Government

Full Governing Body Data Base

Full Governors Attendance

Non-confidential minutes for the full governors are made available to you as they are agreed:

- July 2017

- October 2017

- March 2018

- July 2018

- October 2018

- March 2019

- May 2019

- July 2019

- November 2019

- March 2020

 - July 2020

- November 2020

- March 2021

- May 2021

- July 2021

- September 2021

- October 2021

- November 2021

- January 2022

- March 2022

- April 2022

- May 2022

Benchmarking - Click on this link to compare this school's finances with other schools.

Salary Finance statement: 

Please note: No individual is paid more than £100,000 from this school's budget.