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Colville Primary




Senior Leaders

Office and Maintenance Staff 

Executive Headteacher: Mr J Birdi

Head of School: Ms L Grandy

Deputy Head Teacher (KS2 and Assessment):

Mr J Barton

Assistant Head Teacher (SENDCo): Ms U Parvex 

Assistant Head Teacher (EYFS and NQTs):

Mrs R Jarrett-Smith (maternity leave)

Assistant Head Teacher (KS1 and Initial Teacher Training): Mrs Z Barton

Ms A McCallum: Upper Key Stage 2 Lead

Ms M Llopis Puchol: Daycare and Nursery Lead

Business Operations Manager: Mrs S Udaw

Business Operations Manager: Mrs S Udaw

Receptionist and Admin Officers:

8am-1.45pm Ms M Richards

8am             Ms T Hammond

12pm-6pm    Mrs L Arenas

(school office closes at 4.30pm)              

Site Manager: Mr C Shanks

Gardener:Mrs N Feiner


Year 6 – Gold M

Class Teacher - Ms A McCallam 

Partner Teacher - Ms S Tracey

Targeted Support Teacher - Mr J Barton

Year 6 – Gold S

Class Teacher – Miss S Memarzadeh 

Graduate Teacher -Ms E Shridhar

Partner Teacher - Mr C O'Reilly

Targeted Support Teacher - Mr J Barton 

Year 5 – Violet B

Class Teacher - Mrs I Bountouva

Partner Teacher - Mr J Ellington

Partner Teacher - Ms N Zblewska

Year 5 – Violet S

Class Teacher - Miss G Sheldon

Partner Teacher -Miss M Antignac

Year 4 – Indigo S

Class Teacher - Miss E Sterling

Partner Teacher - Ms D Daley


Year 4 – Indigo F

Class Teacher - Mr T Fisher

Partner Teacher -Mr K Parker

Partner Teacher - Mrs K Moys

Year 3 – Blue C

Class Teacher -  Mrs J Chingos

Partner Teacher - Ms N Zblewska

Partner Teacher - Mr E Hardy 

Partner Teacher - Ms E Cole

Partner Teacher - Ms K El-Hasnaoui 

Year 3 – Blue S

Class Teacher - Miss A Singhsachakul

Partner Teacher  - Mr W Meahdi 

Partner Teacher - Ms K Adofo

Year 2 – Green H

Class Teacher – Ms L Henley 

Graduate Teacher -Ms V Naidoo

Partner Teacher - Ms K Panda

Year 2 – Green P

Class Teacher Mrs C Platt

Partner Teacher - Mrs M Lewington

Partner Teacher - Mr J Stepniak

Year 1 – Yellow JSB

Class Teacher - Mrs Z Barton,

Mrs R Jarrett- Smith

Graduate Teacher - Mrs E Hawkes

Partner Teacher  -Ms L Daley

Partner Teacher - Mr A Worlding 

Literacy Intervention Teacher - 

Ms N Charkaoui 

Year 1 – Yellow L

Class Teacher Ms E Lydon

Partner Teacher - Mr G Jack

Partner Teacher -Ms P Daley

Literacy Intervention Teacher -

Ms N Charkaoui 

Reception – Orange N

Class Teacher - Ms H Norman 

Graduate Teacher - Miss A Li

Early Years Educator – Ms C Villegas

Reception – Orange T

Class Teacher - Ms Tuckey

Early Years Educator - Ms J Olayemie-Coker

Partner Teacher - Miss T Sylejmani  

Nursery – Red

Nursery Lead Teacher - Ms M Llopis Puchol

Early Years Educator –Ms A Patsilivia

Early Years Educator – Ms C Malcolm

Early Years Educator - Ms L Akroyd

Early Years Educator -Ms S Bardill

Early Years Educator -  Ms I Awoto

Early Years Educator -  Ms Y F Sicilia

Day Care

Early Years Educator – Ms J Dyson

Early Years Educator - Miss Z Fakhoury

Early Years Assistant - Miss D Shurmur

Early Years Educator - Ms A Everett

Non-Class Based Teachers and Specialist Teaching Staff

SENDCo: Ms U Parvex

Family Welfare Leader:Mrs A Herbert (Maternity Leave) 

Art Teacher: Ms A Gyimah

Computing Teacher: Mr T Bolton

French Teacher: Ms N Zblewska 

Music Teacher: Mr E Mavrommatis

Violin Teacher: Mr D Ingham

Piano Teachers: Ms I Murphy, Mr M Smirnov 

Trumpet Teacher: Mr G Hassan

PE Teacher: Mr A Finnett

Counsellor: Ms T Catford

Speech and Language Therapist: Ms A Grove

Art Therapist:Ms H Caldecourt

ICT Technician:Mr O Weston

Midday Meal Supervisor: Ms S Lewis

Before School Care:

Breakfast Club Assistants: Ms S Lewis, Ms P Daley and Mrs K Moys

After School Care:

Activ Camps - Leader Miss I Mount, EYFS Ms A Everett with Ms P Daley