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Art, Design and Technology

Art and design is the freedom of the individual, the freedom of expression and the freedom to fail without retort.   Simon Waterfall, Creative Director, Deepend

Our Intent

We believe that if children have the opportunity to enjoy artistic experiences they will grow in their understanding and develop the ability to apply their knowledge of art and its processes and techniques confidently and effectively. These experiences in art stimulate pupils at Colville to build their confidence, which then promotes achievement. 

There is a whole school approach to Art and Design based on the Expressive Arts and Design and the National Curriculum Programmes of Study.  We have a clear progression of skills from EYFS through to Year 6 which builds on prior knowledge demonstrated in sketchbooks.  


Each child at Colville has a sketchbook.  This journal allows them to see their own progression and has become an ongoing tool to promote creativity, imagination, experimentation and expression of their own artistic skills with confidence.  Pupils enjoy talking about their journals! They love learning about different artists, crafts people and collaborating with their peers in art and design.  The implementation of the Art and Design Curriculum at Colville is clearly laid out in an overview with six units of work for each year group. 

EYFS – Expressive Art and Design (EAD) 

The focus is on the development of the children’s imagination and their ability to communicate and to express ideas and feelings in creative ways. Different tabletop activities are set out in nursery and reception, giving the children the freedom to select their own resources and tools during independent learning. 

In small sessions of EAD, children are able to continue to use their imagination as well as observational skills. Through music, dance, stories and imaginative play in Art, the children also develop an increasing ability to use their imagination when painting, drawing, making collages etc. They are encouraged to explore sound, colour, texture, shape, form and space in two and three dimensions in EAD.  Short introduction sessions during EAD create conversations, speaking and listening and an overall art activity together.  This allows pupils to work with confidence and foster enthusiasm during their time and learning in EAD.  Children begin to learn elements of art such as lines, patterns, colours, texture and shapes very early in creative lessons. 

 Key Stage 1 and 2

The use of value, form, lines, colours, patterns, shapes, texture and space is frequently reviewed and visited in art and design.  Activities cover drawings, painting, collages, texture art, printmaking, sewing, cooking, 3D art and moving mechanisms. 

DT - Pupils from Early Years to Year 6 develop an understanding of a healthy and balanced diet and take part in at least one food project each year to learn skills to prepare, cook and present healthy food.  They combine their understanding of relevant and past DT with practical skills to design, make and evaluate their own products.  Pupils at Colville learn to think creatively to improve the standards of their work in DT. They learn about different mechanisms and moving objects as well as building with different materials such as, boxes, junk and recycled materials.

Every class carries out three Design and Technology units per year, one of which is a food-based project.  All pupils are involved in the preparation of food display in terms of decision-making, fostering the importance of presentation and of the value in what they have achieved.  Hygiene plays a huge role in our food technology unit.  As a result of a well-structured and planned curriculum, pupils understand Design and Technology as a process of plan, make and evaluate.  They are able to discuss and negotiate plans to work well on a large scale and independently. 

Art, Art and Design Curriculum Overview 


Children often share knowledge about each other’s artwork as well as reflecting and reinforcing their own skills.  

Our children’s artwork is a significant part of our displays, frequently showing how progression develops.

Display work also reflects our school valuing different cultures, our community and British values.  Colville does not miss an opportunity to celebrate events such as carnival (Year 2 and 6 unit in art), King Charles III Coronation, Remembering Queen Elizabeth II and other significant events in art and design. 

Our topics in Art and Design have given the children the opportunity to develop their ideas further and children are always happy to share their experiences of art during holiday times too. 

Pupils at Colville have a voice in art.  They have created their own different styles and have great confidence in choosing materials during textiles etc.  They always strive and work hard when painting, drawing, printing and using tools in art and design. Year 3 – 6 pupils draw under a pseudonym and are happy to sign a fictitious name after drawing a portrait. Art and design is shared on the school Instagram platform. 

‘Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.’ Edgar Degas