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At Colville, we believe in preparing pupils for their role in our digital future.

Our Intent

Technology is advancing at an ever-increasing rate and we want our students to become creators, as well as proficient users of digital technologies. Our pupils understand how to use technology safely and responsibly, and know how to report any concerns they have about content or conduct online.

A key strength of the Computing offer at Colville is our commitment to leveraging the interactive and creative nature of digital technologies in order to offer more project-based, student-led and immersive learning experiences that deepen and embed subject knowledge and skills.


Most lessons are taught in our computer suite, fitted with touchscreen PCs and iPads.

  • Computer Science (programming or coding, and problem solving)

We use a range of programming software applications that enable students to program their own games and animations, as well as utilizing the power of level-based or games-based coding platforms that allow the pupils to learn and progress at their own pace. We also use physical Computing resources to give the pupils hands-on, concrete understanding of computing systems, including Beebots and BBC Microbits. 

  • Information Technology (including creating presentations and manipulating graphics)

We equip learners with the key skills necessary to use computing and technology for practical and functional purposes, like collecting and presenting data, designing systems and evaluating information. We put a great deal of focus on the creative aspect of Computing at Colville.

In EYFS and KS1, pupils learn to use touchscreen digital devices to create artwork; demonstrate understanding by designing digital diagrams; and collect and present information in the form of fact files. 

  • Digital Literary (encompassing online safety)

We update and improve the online safety curriculum as regularly as the technologies change. For example, we cover topics including fake news, social media algorithms, the risks of exposure to extreme views, as well as the ethics and dangers of artificial intelligence.

We use project-based learning and meaningful, immersive learning experiences in Computing, which motivate learners; embeds knowledge; and provides purpose and real-life contexts. For example, in a Year 5 unit children are tasked with creating their own marine conservation charity, deciding actions and projects their charity will run, designing their logo and producing digital awareness posters, infographics and inspiring videos using Adobe Express.

We are also a Minecraft Education school; this offers students immersive, interactive STEM, History and Geography learning experiences. In 2020, we received a Digital Excellence Award from the London Grid for Learning for our innovative use of Minecraft to support learning across STEM and foundation subject areas.

We enable all learners to be successful – and to develop their knowledge and skills at their level.

Computing Curriculum Overview   


Pupils receive regular high-quality specialist teaching in Computing, enabling them to be more successful in the three areas of learning. They access effective and engaging software, becoming regular, proficient and confident uses of modern digital technologies.

Children enjoy computing at Colville, using engaging and relevant software and applications that interest and motivate them to be creative problem solvers, ready for their next phase of learning after primary school.

Computing Hub

Our specialist Computing teacher, Tom Bolton, is a certified Adobe Educator who regularly leads workshops for schools on using Adobe Express (education licenses are free). These workshops are free for London schools. We can arrange to come to your school and run workshops with a few of your classes, or deliver the workshop at Colville.

If you would like to register interest in your free training, please contact

We also run other digital workshops for schools at a cost. These include:

  • STEM Minecraft workshops
  • Scratch and Coding Workshops