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Google Classroom is widely by all our classes from Reception to Year 6. It is used to complete and submit homework (and is our remote learning platform in the event of a school or bubble closure). It is also where teachers upload information for parents that they can use to support learning at home. Knowledge Organisers and the Writer's Toolkits (English) are all shared with parents on this platform.

This is a virtual learning environment where your child is set assignments which they complete and 'turn in' to their class teacher.

You will have been provided three pieces of information: username, password & class code.

Please watch this short video tutorial on how to log in for the first time and complete your first assignment:

Google Classroom Youtube channel

We also have a dedicated Youtube channel with tutorials on how to use the different features of Google Classroom: 


Using a Desktop Computer

We recommend that your first choice of device (if possible) is a desktop computer or laptop.

This is because the class teacher will likely have created the digital activities using a desktop computer, so the activities will be most suited to these devices.

If you are using a desktop computer, we suggest you are using the Google Chrome web browser (as apps like Jamboard only work in Chrome or with the dedicated app on an iPad/tablet).

Google Chrome - Wikipedia


Using a Tablet or iPad

If you are using a tablet or iPad, we recommend that you download the relevant Google apps that your student will be using.

These include:

Google Drive

Google Slides

Google Docs

 NB: Make sure you are logged into those apps with your student account.


You can use Google Classroom in a web browser by visiting

But please make sure you have the other Google apps installed (Slides, Docs etc.)

If you are using the Classroom app, you can select 'Open in Drive' when you open an Assignment

When you open your digital worksheet using the app, you press 'Open in Drive' so it opens in one of the Google apps. (See image below).

But please make sure you have the other Google apps installed (Slides, Docs etc.)

 (Please note: with some Assignments, you may choose to use the Pen Edit option to complete your work. This means you are editing a PDF copy of the worksheet, so you can't move objects around - but you can use a simple pen tool, highlighter tool and eraser.

This may be easier for some students to access, but please note that your teacher may not have created the Assignment to be used in this way.)

Using a Smartphone

Some of your assignments can be completed by taking a photo of the work using a smartphone and uploading it to Google Classroom using the app. Here is a short video tutorial: