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Parent Representatives

Each class elects a parent/class representative who serves as a link between the parents/carers of their child's class and the school.

The key role of this post is to be a point of contact, voice for parents and carers in your child’s class, to be a link between the school and families, and to be involved in organising/helping with school events. In the past, some parents have chosen to share the role.

The positions are held for two years after which a new election is held. Some posts are held by two people who work together. 

The Role

  • Communicate clearly information within the parent group, ensuring everyone has received key messages and updates. This is through email and WhatsApp.
  • Be a direct positive link between the school and class team, and the families within your class.
  • Attend parent representative meetings once per half term. If there are any issues to share, please send this ahead of the meeting to the Chair, so that they can seek answers prior to the meeting. (If there are two representatives for a class, it might be that one person attends when another is unavailable. Both are welcome at all times. )
  • Share outcomes of the meetings with the rest of your parent group.
  • Take a lead in supporting the school with special projects, putting forth ideas and collaborating with each other.

All our parents, carers and staff are also apart of Friends of Colville, supporting the school with key events. Meetings are advertised in the school's weekly newsletter, which are emailed to all parents and can be found on this website.