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Welcome to Nursery, our Red Class!

We have a 60 place Nursery where we offer full time places for children aged 2 and a half to 4. We tailor learning to the children's individual needs and interests including planning for both year groups of children, our youngest N1 children and our older N2 children. Children who attend our Nursery are more likely to begin Reception working at or above their age related expectations.

Our children love to learn and it shows in everything that they do. The children have access to and are taught all areas of learning through the EYFS curriculum. Our curriculum is made up of small group adult led learning alongside providing engaging experiences that promote independent learning. In Nursery we begin learning phonics and Maths as part of our quality provision. The Nursery children are taught by specialist teachers for Art and Design, Physical Education and Music.

We believe in promoting positive relationships with our children and each other. We focus on supporting our children to develop a Growth Mindset which ensures that they can overcome any obstacles. Each child has a Key Person in Nursery who lead the children in deepening their learning.

Curriculm Overview

At Colville, our EYFS ethos and curriculum covers our children in Day Care at 6 months old, to our children in Reception classes. We deliver a curriculum that incorporates the seven areas of learning. The Characteristics of Effective Learning run through and underpin each of these areas. We know our children very well and plan through their interests, tailoring their learning to support them in achieving their next steps. Please find our curriculum overview below.

EYFS Curriculum

Our Learning Journey- N1 Children

1. Autumn 1

2. Autumn 1

Our Learning Journey- N2 Children

1. Autumn 1

2. Autumn 2

Workshops for Parents

Growth Mindset Workshop

Nursery Parent Welcome Meeting 2023

Groups and Key People

Assistant Headteacher and Early Years Lead: Mrs Jarrett-Smith

Nursery Lead, Nursery Teacher and Key Person of Blue Group: Ms Llopis Puchol

Early Years Educator and Key Person of Orange Group: Ms Shurmur

Early Years Educator and Key Person of Yellow Group: Ms  Fox

Early Years Educator and Key Person of Green Group: Ms Malcolm

Early Years Educator and Key Person of Red Group: Mrs Patsilliva

Early Years Educator and Key Person of Purple Group: Ms Akroyd

Supporting Adult: Mr Jack

Supporting Adult: Ms Awoto

After School Care Lead: Ms Everett