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We believe that science at Colville generates excitement and curiosity about the world and above all respect for the environment and all living things.

The scientific method enables those involved to learn through the process of trial and error and improvement. Through this method, each learner develops their own ‘Science Capital’ and this helps them to develop a greater understanding of the world around them. We recognise that every member of society is a ‘scientist’ and we all need a vast understanding of this subject to survive in the modern world.


Knowledge Organisers

Year 1: Using our Senses, Everyday Materials, Looking at Animals, Plant Detectives

Year 2: Materials, Take Care, Growing Up, What is in your habitat?

Year 3: Amazing Bodies Part 1, Rock Detectives, Can you see me?, The Power of Forces, How does your garden grow?, Amazing Bodies Part 2

Year 4: In a State, Good Vibrations, Switched On, Where does all that food go?, Human Impact

Year 5: Circle of Life, Marvelous Mixtures, Feel the Force, The Earth and Beyond, Everyday Materials, Reproduction in Plants and Animals

Year 6: The Nature Library, Body Pump, Body Health, Everything Changes, Danger! Low Voltage, Light up your world



Primary Science Quality Mark GILT Award